About Marehalm

We've come a long way!

Since we started in 2014, Marehalm has been a place for Scandinavian style homeware, gifts and hand-crafted jewellery.

We aim to continue!

Scandinavians have a reputation for style- and as we come from Denmark, we are not only flattered but we do our utmost to live up to those very high standards. We owe a lot to our homeland and draw our inspiration from its shores. The word ‘Marehalm’ is the Danish for Lyme Grass, found in the windswept dunes of the west coast of Denmark and Northumberland - natural, resilient and blending peacefully into its surroundings. With that in mind, we ensure our products are in keeping with British lifestyle and trends.


There is no monopoly on taste- but everyone knows what feels right. Our unique approach lies in helping to inspire, to guide and to offer ways in which furnishings, homeware apparel and jewellery match and complement each other.

Using just the right textures, materials and colours we help to bring an atmosphere that is tailored but relaxing; casual but inspiring.

That's the way we do things- combining style with our traditional values.

Marehalm is a place where Scandinavian ' hygge' is transformed into homely 'bliss'. When all the parts of your home come together, and you know it feels just right. It is comforting, soothing, calming and, when you are involved in the right combination, just that little bit more pleasing.