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About Marehalm

The place for Scandinavian style homeware, gifts and jewellery.

Hailing from Denmark, Scandinavian style is in our blood: a natural and evocative way of placing objects and decorations together in calming, soothing and homely ways.

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is not a foreign word – it’s the way we do things.

We are inspired by our homeland. Our name ‘Marehalm’ is the Danish word for Lyme Grass, found in the windswept dunes of Northumberland and the west coast of Denmark from where we originate.


We love bringing the natural Scandinavian world into the home: fresh, gushing springs of fresh water; scented pines of thick forests; empty beaches with clear blue waters; open skies with night displays of amazing colours. We use textures, materials and colours to bring an atmosphere that is relaxing but meticulous; casual but inspiring.  

Marehalm, Berwick on Tweed

Established in 2014, the shop has exceeded all our expectations. Our Customers appreciate the oasis of calm, the absence of pretensions, impeccable service and our attention to every detail. There is space to wander and become part of the tranquil environment. It is not just our collection of gifts, unique designs and craftsmanship but the way they are pieced together, all forming a harmonious display – the very essence of Scandinavian style.

We are not expensive, we aim to be inclusive and we treat our customers with the utmost sincerity.

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Berwick-upon-Tweed, TD15 1ES

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