Practicality And Style Made From Paper

Ever thought that paper could be used for a desirable storage solution? Well, what about the impact the mainstream paper industry has on the environment? It’s no great secret that it is now more important than ever to seriously consider the ethics of what and where we buy from. The great news is that there’s a ton of new and innovative businesses cropping up, with ingenious alternative production methods and an emphasis on sustainability and style. Uashmama is one such gem.

An ideal image of a family run business, Uashmama’s core lies with its 4 sisters and their parents working together to create handcrafted and beautiful products made from the birthplace of the Italian renaissance, Tuscany. I was particularly taken by their range of paper based storage and wash bags that come in a variety of sizes, colours and finishes. Initially my imagination started going wild with all of the different ways the colours could make a corner in my room pop, while still allowing my bits and bobs to be out of sight, yet within reach. Furthermore, while the bags come in a variety of different sizes, each bag can also be folded, adjusted and purposed in a variety of ways, due to the bag’s flexible, water resistant and washable paper based material.

When someone mentioned paper to me, I used to immediately think of an A4 notepad and I doubt I was alone there. But, seeing the full range of Uashmama’s products has definitely broadened my expectations of what is possible with such a seemingly mundane material. Without getting too scientific, the fibre basis of Uashmama’s products is generally seen as a more environmentally friendly alternative that doesn’t come at a cost of the diminishing returns of quality that can result from purely recycled materials. This ensures that the products have a longer lifespan and cuts the need for continued repurchasing and manufacturing

Their range of products also goes beyond fibre materials and storage solutions though, as I just had to see their range of aprons for myself as well. Sturdy and also washable, this will definitely be a mainstay in my kitchen. I also love the large front pocket for when my hands are full, which just goes to show that style doesn’t have to come at the cost of practicality. With great products such as this, coming from a small family run business in the heart of Italy, who have made quality and sustainability their focus; I can definitely see more wonderful little Uashmama additions filter into my home.