Pop of Colour with Felt Flowers

I love fresh flowers, especially in spring when everything is budding and popping up from the ground. The splashes of colour that spring out in nature are so beautiful it’s only natural to want to surround yourself with it in your home too! But fresh flowers do need maintaining in order to keep fresh for as long as possible, and ultimately they only have a short life. That’s why it is so great to have some alternatives to add that instant pop of colour in a room: felt flowers. Bear with me while I explain…

En Gry & Sif is a Danish company that make beautiful products you can add to your home, but they also have a great ethos. All their products are fair trade, designed in Denmark and handmade in Nepal. The idea to use felt décor was born on a backpacking trip to Nepal watching how the locals were using felt in their crafts. The pure natural wool they use for their products comes from New Zealand.

The felt making process itself is an ancient technique that has been used in many cultures for centuries. You add warm soapy water to the wool and rub it together until the wool sticks together and can be moulded into different shapes. Here at Marehalm we are proud to include a selection of their lovely products and support a great company with an ethos we can really get behind.

So how do you use felt flowers in your home? They certainly add a pop of colour any time of year so they are extremely versatile. You can pick colours to go with your home colour chemes, and even mix them with dried flowers and branches, which makes for a lasting display that can be modified as the seasons change.

You can also use the felt flowers to twist around a napkin for a simple yet lovely table setting. Indeed – you can twist them around anything to make your own creative display!

In addition to the felt flowers, we also have hanging felt eggs to decorate your home with this Easter.