Recycled With Style By OOhh

As a business, we are always looking at ways to become more environmentally friendly. We’re proud of the things we are already doing - our business cards are made from recycled cotton t-shirts, we mostly use biodegradable or recyclable packaging and we also reuse packaging that we receive from deliveries where we can. Furthermore, we no longer print out receipts from online orders, opting instead to use e-receipts. As we continue to improve, we love it when the companies that supply our products also look to make positive moves to be more conscious of, and friendly to, the environment.

We are delighted to welcome some new arrivals this summer that not only account for impeccable design, but also the environment.

The brand OOhh has always been based on combining Scandinavian design with environmentally friendly materials and processes. Their new collection consists of stylish products made from recycled glass and sustainable ceramics.

Their glass collection is made in Europe from 100% recycled glass and is all handmade with some pieces being mouth-blown. Using recycled glass is great way of avoiding waste, while breathing new life into a material.

The ceramic collection is designed for functionality and the products can be used in many different ways. Ceramic is a natural product, but it's the production process that normally demands the use of a lot of electricity. However, these products are made using solar energy and recycled water. The pieces have beautiful lines and curves and have been created with a muted palette of colours to blend seamlessly into your décor.

The collection consists of vases, trays, bowls and candle-holders. You can mix and match a selection of the pieces, as you wish, to create different functionalities and looks. They come in black, clay and white that all look just as good in the same colour or as a mixture of all. The versatility of the pieces are excellent and they can brighten up any room or area of the home.