Bring spring into your home

The days are getting lighter and the first of the year’s flowers are starting to bloom. As nature begins to awaken I always want to refresh my home to reflect what is happening outside. 


 It is such an easy thing to do and after months of hibernation it really lifts my mood to bring splashes of colour and greenery in forms of spring bulbs, plants and flowers into my home. You can keep it really simple by adding a single stem in a vase or be more creative by grouping plants or flowers together to make more of an impact.

Kahler Hammerhoi Miniature Vases

If you are thinking which vases and plant pots will be best, the answer is; any. Use understated white, ceramic, glass, metallic, miniature, large and colourful ones. It depends on what you have and also what look you want to create -a vase and plant pot you use can really help to enhance a look. Using a colourful deigned vase with vibrant flowers will make more of a bold look than a white plant pot with a delicate foliage and then there is everything in-between.


 I personally love using spring flowers and bulbs as you can generally get them at affordable prices and it mirrors what is happening out in gardens and parks but choose the flowers and plants that give you joy. If choosing a plant that you have not had before remember to check the label to see what care they need and where they are best positioned as it may not be the right one for you.  It may seem a bit like hard work to start with but it will really pays off when you see the plant thriving in your home.


I hope you have been inspired to bring the spring feeling into your home.


Some vase and plant pot inspiration;


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