A Brand With a Conscience

 When I came across The Organic Company their simple, yet very thought through designs really caught my eye. As I learnt more about them I really found them to be a company that not only believed in timeless and functional design but also had a great ethos.



Founder Joy Vasiljev started the Danish company in 2007 and was driven by honesty, transparency and an ambitious wish to make a difference. Their designs reflect the belief in the-less-but-better-way-of-living. These values really appeal to me as it is something I believe is an important trait in a company. In my personal life I have also been making a conscious effort to create less waste, and it is great to find a brand that has thought about the fact that we don’t always need lots of products to help us with our everyday lives. High quality, well designed ones that have longevity and are multi-functional are better for the environment and won’t need replacing often.  


The Organic Company considers the impact on the environment  at the production stages, and, as indicated by their name, all their products are made from 100% organic cotton.  All products are certified by GOTS which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, meaning that all fabrics are free from toxins and heavy metals (which are harmful for the environment), and international workers’ rights are respected.


The Organic Company have developed a great range of textile products and here are a few we particularly love;

This range of towels have been designed not only to be take up little space and easy drying but also has the added function to wrap around you.


A large kitchen towel that can also be used as an apron.


All Purpose Bags that can be used for so many things and are a great substitute for plastic bags.


A durable canvas shopper that has short integrated handles that make it easy to carry.


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